200+ Workable Article Submission Sites for Free Publishing in 2024

Manas Swain Manas Swain/ Updated: Jul 16, 2024
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Are you a blogger or article writer who’s looking for some of the most renowned, reliable, and popular article submission sites? Then you have landed on the perfect page where we’ll serve you with some best sites to submit your work.

We know how difficult it is to find the right publishing platform for your work to hit the target audience and achieve quality backlinks to your websites. This off-page SEO trick allows you to reap the maximum benefits of your work and helps in its marketing. 

In this article, more than 200 workable and genuine article submission websites with their Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Scam Score are presented. You can choose the most suitable from them to submit your high-quality articles.

Article Submission Sites: Overview and Benefits

Article submission is an off-page SEO technique in which you submit your written article to a third-party website that will publish it. These sites work as a prominent tool for writers to share and promote their work to a wide range of target readers. 

There are numerous advantages to using these online platforms:

  • Increased Visibility

    A site with higher goodwill among the readership helps you enhance your article’s visibility, which might be difficult if done through your channels. This is a great option for new writers who have limited followers and need to create a reader base.

  • Establish Authority

    By publishing articles on reputable platforms, you can present and establish yourself as a reliable and expert writer in the industry. Building trust can attract potential clients and lead to new business opportunities.

  • Backlinks

    Many sites allow you to add backlinks to your website or blog in their text. This is a great way to draw more organic traffic and make your search engine rankings better. 

  • Branding

    These sites are also helpful in brand build-up and recognition. Submitting high-quality content to reputable sites can establish you as an industry expert and attract audience attention. 

  • Cost-Effective

    The article submission is also counted as a cost-effective marketing strategy on search engines.

Common Types of Article Submission Websites

There are so many publishing sites that cater to different needs and niches. But all you have to do is select the one that matches your work. For this, you should first know some major types of these sites:

  • General Article Directories

    These sites accept articles from different niches and most of the time are available for free. They serve a broad audience and are suitable for creators who deliver content from different subject matters. 

  • Guest Posting Sites

    With these posting sites, you can submit your articles to other article submission websites as guest authors to cover new readership and build connections with other writers. 

  • Niche Article Directories

    The target of such sites is a particular topic or industry and attracts readers interested in niche-specific content and hence helps you to reach a more focused and relevant audience. 

  • PR Sites

    The specific target of these sites is to deliver press releases and news articles to the general audience. Many businesses and organizations use PR sites to advertise their products, services, and events to reach a wider base. 

  • Social Media Sites

    Several social media sites like LinkedIn and Medium allow you to publish articles directly on their platform. This is a preferable option to get reliability in your work and like-minded readers.

  • Academic and Research Databases

    These sites are primarily designed to publish academic research papers, conference proceedings, and other similar works.

Further, let’s explore numerous article submission sites for effective advertising, marketing, and publicity of your business and work.

Top 10 Free Article Submission Sites List

Is it possible to get your article published for free? Yes, of course! Many reputable sites provide this support to writers to get their work in the limelight, and some of them don’t ask for registration either. Here is a free article submission sites list with instant approval:

S. No.Website URLDAPASpam Score (in %)
1https://www.blogger.com/about/?bpli=1 10083
2https://www.linkedin.com/ 99901
3https://github.com/ 96922
4https://medium.com/ 95841
5https://wordpress.com/ 941001
6https://www.quora.com 937910
7https://pastebin.com/ 91746
8https://www.tumblr.com 8610028
9https://articlebiz.com/ 44535
10https://myarticles.io/ 26392

Instant Approval Article Submission Sites

Generally, the approval and publishing process of an article takes time, and may vary from site to site. However, some platforms have removed this hindrance to deliver speedy services. Here are 100 sites that provide instant approval to your work without causing any delay:

S. No.Website URLDAPASpam Score (in %)
1https://www.linkedin.com/ 99901
2https://sites.google.com 9775
3https://medium.com/ 95841
4https://www.jimdofree.com 9559
5https://www.hatena.ne.jp/ 947614
6https://www.livejournal.com/ 93991
7https://www.quora.com 937910
8https://www.academia.edu 93751
9https://www.bloglovin.com 937614
10https://www.ehow.com 92744
11https://www.wattpad.com 92751
12https://www.evernote.com/ 92794
13https://www.reddit.com/ 92533
14https://wn.com/ 91758
15http://justpaste.it/ 916722
16https://gumroad.com/ 91724
17https://www.playbuzz.com 90444
18https://www.yourstory.com 87631
19https://www.tumblr.com 8610028
20https://www.apsense.com 806314
21https://www.vingle.net/ 77632
22https://articlesbase.com/ 776014
23https://www.merchantcircle.com/ 76672
24http://bcz.com/ 75593
25https://wakelet.com 71681
26https://e27.co/ 71581
27https://write.as/ 70615
28https://www.helium.com 69647
29https://www.selfgrowth.com 646419
30https://teletype.in/ 62601
31http://www.infobarrel.com/ 626020
32https://www.letsdiskuss.com 62492
33https://www.storeboard.com 62453
34https://www.easyfie.com/ 59555
35https://www.uberant.com 585710
36https://theomnibuzz.com/ 57337
37https://www.abilogic.com 56581
38https://articles.abilogic.com 56521
39http://www.inube.com/ 55607
40https://global.craft.co/ 55371
41http://uploadarticle.com/ 55461
42https://www.pr3-articles.com/ 5447
43https://www.herbaltricks.com/ 5450
44https://freshersnews.co.in/ 54505
45https://casinopost.org/ 54387
46https://zoombazi.com/ 5446
47https://www.sooperarticles.com/ 53596
48https://www.zupyak.com/ 535122
49https://foxnewstips.com/ 53476
50https://dailygram.com// 535716
51https://hufftime.com/ 53425
52https://articlesneed.com/ 52418
53http://www.onfeetnation.com/ 525712
54https://www.pr5-articles.com/ 5245
55https://nybpost.com/ 52484
56https://froodl.com/ 524516
57https://yournewsinshiocton.com/ 51411
58https://newseveryday.co.uk/ 51423
59https://sevenarticle.com/ 514661
60https://businesssinc.com/ 51352
61https://mediaek.com/ 51369
62https://www.seehowcan.com/ 51382
63https://techplanet.today/ 51534
64https://mcnezu.com/ 51444
65https://frillnewz.com/ 51432
66https://wikifeedz.com/ 50464
67https://www.hubpages.com 4956
68https://blog.mymemories.com/ 49501
69https://telescope.ac/ 48531
70http://mehfeel.net/mehfeel/ 474745
71https://ny.biznet-us.com/ 46436
72https://www.promotionworld.com/ 45531
73https://articlescad.com 455537
74https://fortunetelleroracle.com/ 44533
75https://www.fuzia.com/ 43501
76https://www.olaladirectory.com.au/ 41502
77http://www.godry.co.uk/ 404659
78https://articlexpress.co.uk/ 40441
79https://globalarticlefinder.com/ 40481
80https://submitafreearticle.com/ 39471
81https://articlesjust4you.com/ 39471
82https://popularticles.com/ 38473
83http://www.articles.studio9xb.com/ 3748
84https://go2article.com/ 36457
85https://www.articlesreader.com/ 364417
86https://articlesforwebsite.com/ 35482
87https://ezarticlesdb.com/ 34441
88https://bessbefit.com/ 344311
89http://uberarticles.com/ 33483
90https://www.knockinglive.com/ 3342
91https://www.articlegeek.com/ 3253
92https://articleweb55.com/ 30431
93http://www.articleseen.com/ 30477
94https://www.aniarticles.com/ 21337
95https://www.warticles.com/ 20403
96https://www.srmarticles.com/ 19371
97http://articlecatalog.com/ 194334
98https://www.freeflowwrites.in/ 1817
99https://www.netezinearticles.com/ 9342
100 http://www.articlefans.com/ 72530

Other Article Submission Websites with High DA

Here we have mentioned some more article submission sites with high DA and low spam scores that you can choose from:

S. No.Website URLDAPASpam Score (in %)
1https://mytrendingstories.com/ 755323
2https://nouw.com/ 665821
3https://www.thesoftnews.com/ 583724
4https://www.authorbench.com/ 57385
5https://hotmaillog.in/ 56452
6https://businessnewsone.com/ 56342
7https://gpmarkaz.com/ 56413
8https://knowproz.com/ 56413
9https://roadtoawakening.net/ 56511
10https://www.funuploads.com/ 56303
11https://bizzskills.com/ 55428
12https://healthslove.com/ 55378
13https://mindsmag.com/ 55363
14https://lifeunited.org/ 554110
15https://onlineclasstime.com/ 55404
16https://confettisocial.com/ 55396
17https://magzinenow.com/home/ 55322
18https://dreamswire.com/ 544512
19https://expertsadvices.net/ 54516
20https://techgili.com/ 54434
21https://apkevents.com/ 5445
22https://amhyco.com/ 54416
23https://www.megamindmagazines.com/ 54254
24https://firstnewswallet.com/ 54446
25https://stickynewsup.com/ 54428
26https://bussinessnewshub.com/ 54411
27https://statustags.com/ 54411
28https://inkfreenews.net/ 54416
29https://asapmix.com/ 54403
30https://techtablepro.com/ 53442
31https://articlesall.com/ 53441
32https://eurasiannews.net/ 5341
33https://newsethnic.com/ 53431
34https://viralnewsonly.com/ 53405
35https://todaystory.org/ 53376
36https://www.hituponviews.com/ 53354
37https://technolf.com/ 534013
38https://tokei123.org/ 534423
39https://thepublishingherald.com/ 53431
40https://techfily.com/ 53471
41https://marketguest.com/ 53472
42https://insaneyards.com/ 53382
43https://sewrcd.com/ 53392
44https://andreas25.com/ 53375
45https://www.technologies-news.com/ 5337
46https://evamerica.net/ 53364
47https://apktours.com/ 5343
48https://acesanjel.com/ 53381
49https://postingproof.com/ 53411
50https://businessegy.com/ 53442
51https://dizipost.com/ 53374
52https://www.empowerbusinessonline.com/ 53391
53https://www.mogulvalley.com/ 53335
54https://newstechrim.com/ 5344
55https://gensupremo.com/ 5338
56https://www.techwestnews.com/ 532515
57https://techtimes.uk/ 53423
58https://newzhunt24.com/ 52392
59https://dopewope.com/ 524414
60https://topfivesearch.com/ 52385
61https://nawazpanda.com/ 52295
62https://themeganews.com/ 52371
63https://homejust.org/ 523710
64https://articleinon.com/ 52431
65https://knowworld365.com/ 52452
66https://technoloss.com/ 52431
67https://mephimmymedia.com/ 52454
68https://yipeeinc.com/ 52471
69https://bjmono.com/ 52417
70https://breakingnews21.com/ 52462
71https://resistancephl.com/ 52465
72https://district160.com/ 52436
73https://techcrams.com/ 52472
74https://happywheelsus.com/ 52393
75https://techpairs.com/ 52411
76https://webpagejournal.com/ 52411
77https://techhubinfo.com/ 52441
78https://thekeyphrase.com/ 52434
79https://mixeduaction.com/ 52464
80https://topedgenews.com/ 52412
81https://getsmeup.com/ 52465
82https://realitypanel.com/ 52437
83https://worldishealthy.com/ 51333
84https://teqnotech.com/ 51402
85https://writegossip.com/ 51441
86https://webeys.com/ 514314
87https://fragnewz.com/ 514210
88https://tiagomartinho.com/ 51385
89https://www.vantailion.com/ 51436
90https://tech2times.com/ 51173
91https://incomescircle.com/ 513914
92https://goodtimeslegacy.com/ 51447
93https://nazing.co.uk/ 51441
94https://businesspara.com/ 51466
95https://themagazineweb.com/ 51413
96https://theworldknows.com/ 51463
97https://immenseinfo.com/ 50412
98https://marketinic.com/ 50463
99https://businessgracy.com/ 50434
100 https://theinsiderup.com/ 50421
101https://sweatsign.com/ 50365
102https://amazefeeds.com/ 49425
103https://casinobolds.co.uk/ 484012
104https://shiftscraft.com/ 48373
105https://jobprime.in/ 47464
106https://techbuzzonly.com/ 45421
107https://www.olaladirectory.com.au/ 41502
108https://bioneerslive.org/ 38403
109https://globaldailypost.com/ 354911
110https://myfoodies.com/ 24445

Process to Submit an Article on Article Submission Sites

Article Submission

You need to do proper research not just to write the piece but also to look for the most appropriate platform where you can get the maximum exposure. For this, you can follow the given steps: 

  1. Choose a Site

    First, look for the best article submission site that is most relevant to your topic and target readers. There are multiple site options to choose from.

  1. Create Your Article

    Next, start working on your article. It should be well-written, and informative, grasp the attention of the reader, and be written under the guidelines of the site. Include graphics, facts, and data to enhance reliability, but adjust the type of information based on the topic and intended audience.

  1. Review and Edit

    Now, before submitting, it is strictly suggested to proofread your work carefully and edit if any errors are found. Make sure your article has a flow as well. 

  1. Submit the Work

    To submit an article, fill out a form with the title, summary, and other details, and upload it in the required format. Some sites may also require an account and fee payment.

  1. Wait for Approval 

    Now, you have to wait for a response from the site administrator. Your work will be checked and approved, which may take a few hours to several days.

After publishing, you are required to promote your article through your social media account, email newsletters, and other sites. This will generate visibility and traffic to your work.

How to Choose the Best Article Submission Sites?

To reach the right audience and get deserving returns for your work, it is extremely necessary to select the best publishing site. Some prime factors that you should consider in this regard are as follows: 

  • Niche

    Check out the sites that have expertise in your niche and industry so that you can reach the target audience easily. 

  • Authority

    Select the website that has high goodwill among the readers. This will boost the visibility of your articles as well as help you establish your career as a credible writer. 

  • Traffic

    One of the important factors is high traffic, which increases the probability of your article being seen by a large audience base. This will further generate more backlinks and referral traffic. 

  • Guidelines

    Always check the submission guidelines carefully to ensure your content meets what is required so that it will get approved without changes. 

  • User Experience

    Opt for a website that delivers a better user experience to both authors and readers. It should be easy to navigate, have fast loading times, and have a simple yet attractive layout. 

  • Social Media Integration

    If the website has social media integration, it will be a great plus point as this will help you in grabbing more readers. 

  • Analytics

    You have to analyze the performance and traffic as well. To determine the strengths and weaknesses of a website and the most popular topics, it is important to choose a site with strong analytics and reporting tools.


The Domain Authority Score > 60 is excellent, 50-60 is good, 40-50 is average, and < 40 is poor.

How to Write the Best Quality Article to Get Approved and Ranked?

To write a good article, it is important to understand the different components and basic ranking strategies. Here, are certain points that you can consider when writing a top-notch piece:

  1. Title

    While writing the title for the article, make sure it is clear, crisp, and able to attract the reader. The title must display the whole theme of the article and should be covered within 50–60 characters.

  1. Summary

    Most of the top article submission sites ask you to submit a summary of the text, where you have to enter a short description of the topic that can be 150 to 200 characters long. 

  1. Keywords and Tags

    A major criterion of selection is to choose keywords and tags wisely in the article. The keywords help improve the ranks of the article, while tags categorize it. 

  1. A Signature or About Us

    This section allows authors to write about themselves, including their niche, experience, projects, and company information.

  1. Body

    The body of the topic should contain a combination of different forms of content and be presented uniquely to generate traffic. Sub-heads, bullets, and numbering can be added to make the presentation simple and understandable. 

Once the writing is done, you can continue with the process to submit an article described above.

Golden Tips for Article Writing

To make your article more attractive and interesting, we have provided some additional tips:

  • The article should be fresh and free from typos and grammatical errors. 
  • It should not be unnecessarily lengthy and stuffed. 
  • The repeated use of keywords must be avoided. 
  • Read the site-specific guidelines carefully and meet them to get approved in the first go from the top article submission sites. 
  • The use of AI must strictly be neglected. 
  • Don’t forget to promote the article after submission. 

Apart from all of this, it is equally important to regularly update your content, i.e., add or eliminate the information as per the need, otherwise, you won’t be able to rank and lose credibility. 

Final Words

Now, you have a clear idea about how to write and submit your work. Also, we have delivered a free and instant approval article submission sites list where you can get your work published and increase the online presence of your business.

So, now you don’t have to worry about how to deliver the article to the target audience, just do your work well and contact any of the above-listed platforms. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I submit my article?

There are so many sites like Blogger.com, Quora, LinkedIn Pulse, GitHub, and so on. You can select from as per your need and niche of the topic.

What is an article submission site?

These are the online platforms to submit articles on different topics to get them published and attain exposure.

How is article submission different from directory submission?

The article submission refers to submitting detailed text about a specific topic with the source URL, while the directory submission is to give in the website URL with keywords and a few characters of summary.

How long does it take to publish an article on the submission site?

The time to get an article published after submission depends upon the editorial process of the site. Several article submission sites have instant approval, while others may take time.

Can I publish the same article on more than one site?

It completely depends on the T&C of the site. Some editors may ask for exclusive rights, while others may allow you to republish the article with proper acknowledgment.

Are article submission sites free?

There are various free article submission sites available that you may choose from as per the requirement.

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