100+ Free Business Listing Sites in India to Help Your Business Grow

Manas Swain Manas Swain/ Updated: Jul 16, 2024
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Are you finding ways to build an online presence and spread the word about your business? Business listing sites can help you with that.

A strong online presence is essential for any business in today’s digital world, where customers research products online before making a purchase. Every business owner must list their information in prominent directories to create awareness among consumers.

We have covered all about business directories and a list of free business listing sites in this blog. So read till the end to know more.

Top Free Business Listing Sites in India

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We know setting up and running a company is a big task in itself, so we decided to take over some load and did our research to find the best free listing sites in India. Please note that most of these sites work on a freemium model, meaning, you can do the basic listing for free.

Here is the updated list of best free listing websites in India where you must place your business in 2024:

Business Listing Site NamesDomain Authority
https://www.google.com/business/ 98
https://www.linkedin.com/ 98
https://businessconnect.apple.com/ 97
https://foursquare.com/ 92
https://www.trustpilot.com/ 92
https://about.me/ 92
https://www.mapquest.com/ 91
https://office.angi.com/ 91
https://www.turbify.com/ 90
https://www.crunchbase.com/ 90
https://www.thumbtack.com/pro 90
https://www.mapquest.com/ 89
https://biz.prlog.org/ 89
https://business.nextdoor.com/ 89
https://biz.prlog.org/ 89
https://www.tradeindia.com/ 87
https://www.manta.com/ 87
https://www.indiamart.com/ 85
https://www.merchantcircle.com/ 85
https://www.city-data.com/ 85
https://www.justdial.com/ 82
https://www.chamberofcommerce.com/ 82
https://www.dandb.com/ 79
https://www.brownbook.net/ 78
https://partners.local.com/ 78
https://www.turbify.com/ 78
https://www.sulekha.com/ 76
https://us.kompass.com/ 76
https://www.storeboard.com/ 76
https://ebusinesspages.com/ 76
https://citysquares.com/ 74
https://cart.botw.org/ 74
https://www.infobel.com/ 74
https://www.ibegin.com/ 73
https://www.neustarlocaleze.biz/ 73
https://www.golocal247.com/ 73
https://www.n49.com/ 73
https://www.cylex.us.com/ 73
https://www.cybo.com/ 72
https://directory.justlanded.com/ 72
https://yellow.place/ 72
https://hub.biz/ 72
showmelocal.com   71
https://www.reviewcentre.com/  69
https://www.fyple.com/ 68
https://www.infignos.com/ 67
https://www.bizhwy.com/ 66
https://www.expressbusinessdirectory.com/ 65
https://www.judysbook.com/ 65
https://briefingwire.com/ 64
https://www.mouthshut.com/ 64
http://myhuckleberry.com/ 64
elocal.com 62
https://basenotes.com/ 57
www.swiggy.com 55
www.exportersindia.com 55
https://www.gujaratdirectory.com/ 54
www.cybo.com/india 52
https://www.kugli.com/ 50
https://www.routeandgo.net/ 50
https://www.tuugo.co.uk/ 50
https://www.eindiabusiness.com/ 50
https://akama.com/ 49
https://www.indiabook.com/ 48
https://www.surfindia.com/ 48
https://www.tupalo.net/ 48
www.clickindia.com 48
https://www.fullhyderabad.com/ 47
https://www.grotal.com/ 47
http://indiacatalog.com/ 47
https://www.40billion.com/ 46
go4worldbusiness.com 46
https://in.enrollbusiness.com 46
www.expressbusinessdirectory.com 46
https://in.enrollbusiness.com 46
www.locanto.net 46
https://www.yalwa.in/ 45
www.asklaila.com 45
www.traderscity.com 45
https://jimyellowpages.com/ 44
www.yellowpagecity.com 44
localbiznetwork.com   42
vanik.com 42
eximdata.com 41
www.flyple.com 41
www.smartguy.com 41
www.smartguy.com 41
ecity.com 40
indiatradezone.com 40
www.fullhyderabad.com 39
https://businessistingplus.com 39
https://indianceo.in 38
www.freeadstime.org 37
www.indianyellowpages.com 36
www.fundoodata.com 36
www.surfindia.com 36
www.freelistingindia.in 36
www.zipleaf.com 33
www.yalwa.in 32
https://www.dialmenow.in/ 32
https://www.dialmenow.in/ 32
www.justbaazaar.com 29
www.indiacatalog.com 29
www.indyapages.com 26
www.localstar.org 26
www.dialindia.com 26
www.justcityplace.com 25
www.indiabizlist.com 25
www.gbguides.com 25
www.jantareview.com 25
www.jimyellowpages.com 24
https://sholay.in 24
www.findinall.com  22
www.poweredindia.com 22
www.gujaratdirectory.com 22
www.rajb2b.com 20
www.indiabusinesstoday.in 20
https://paperdoor.in 19
https://yellowpages.in 19
www.vanik.com 18
https://indianbusinesscanada.com 18
https://aaspass.com 18
https://bharathlisting.com 17
www.businessfinder.in 15
http://entireindia.com 15
https://www.indiabizlist.com/ 15
www.directories.net.in 14
www.citytadka.com 14
www.localfrog.in 13
www.indiabusinessenquiry.com 12
http://www.askjaynee.com/ 12
www.huntbiz.com 11
https://www.solartize.com/ 11
http://www.southeastvalley.com/ 11
www.addressguru.in 10
www.workinfo.info   6

You can always come back and refer to the table when you start putting your company details on the internet. Also, if your company has the budget, you can use the paid plan to access the premium features. 

Now that you have the list of free listing sites, let’s go ahead and understand its role and more about business listing in the coming sections. 

What Do You Mean by Business Listing and Business Listing Sites?

A business listing acts as an online profile for a company. It contains all the key information, like the company’s name, address, contact number, and a brief description of the area of work. 

With business listing, your company’s key details are displayed on directories, search engines, and social media platforms. It works just like online advertisements that have the potential to attract intended customers. 

Business listing sites act as a bridge that connects businesses to potential customers by providing access to relevant information about a company in a particular niche or area. 

These online listing sites or business directories collect all the business-related information and display the essentials on the portal. It is a great way of promoting yourself and gaining more visibility. 

Let’s say that Person X is looking for a specific product and when he searches for the companies selling the product, the search engine or business directories will show a list. If your company is listed, there’s a high chance that you’ll get the customer if your offerings align with his needs. 

Types of Business Listing Sites In India

You have two options to choose from when you decide to put your company’s information in these directories. The two types of business listing sites India are:

Free Business Listing Sites: These directories don’t charge fees to list the business details. Example: Google Business Profile

Paid Business Listing Websites: These business directories in India and around the world charge some money to display your company’s information. Example: Sulekha 

It is your call to decide between the two. However, it is always best to use both kinds of listing sites to make the most.

How to Select the Best Business Listing Sites for Your Business?

With the number of business directories present online, it is important to follow a strategic approach so that you can boost your online presence and get more leads through them. Therefore, selecting the best ones is crucial. Here is how you can do it.

Check the Spam Score

Spam score is a metric developed by MOZ in 2015 which represents the percentage of how spammy a domain, or page is perceived by Google. 

  • A spam score of 0% to 30% is considered low.
  • A Spam Score ranging from 31% to 60% is considered medium.
  • A Spam Score between 61% and 100% is considered high.

Even though the metric is not used by Google algorithm, it still shows on the search engines and may hamper the company’s reputation. So it is a crucial step that you verify the credibility of free listing sites in India by checking the spam score. 

Remember, the lower the spam score, the more trustworthy and credible it appears on the search engine. 

Check the Domain Authority 

SEO is all about trust and authority. Why would a customer go on directories that are not the source of trust? So before business listing, you need to do deep research and check the domain authority of the business directory India. 

Domain authority is a metric that tells how high a website will rank in search engine results pages. A higher domain authority indicates that the site is more credible. 

Choose the Sites with Do-follow Links

Do-follow links pass the link juice by helping engine crawlers transfer the equity to the linking sites, which as a result potentially improves search engine rankings. 

Choose the directories having ‘do-follow links’ as it will boost the SEO value and give authority to your website. 

By keeping the above-written points in mind, you will be able to select genuine business directories. 

How to Do Business Listing for Your Company?

As we have already given out the list of business directories where you can put out your information, the next important thing to know is how to do the listing correctly. But don’t worry, here we have written the step-by-step process:

Step 1: Sign Up 

The first step is to select the free business listing in India and create an account. All you need to do is enter your company’s info and password. With a little workaround, your account will be created within a few minutes. 

Step 2: Verify Your Account 

Once you’ve completed the signup procedure, the platform will send a confirmation email. Click on the link within the email and follow the on-screen instructions to verify your profile. 

Step 3: Fill in Company Details 

You’ll be redirected to a new page after your account is verified. On this new page, enter your company name, address, contact number, website, employee count, and other required details. Also, update your social media accounts and link them to these directories for a cohesive online presence. 

Moving ahead, let’s now understand why it is essential to list your business online.

How Business Listings Can Help Your Company?

Business listings can be the secret weapon for any business. You don’t have to own a large enterprise to benefit from it. Whether you have an IT firm or a handmade jewelry business, here is how paid and free business listing sites in India can help your business.

Strong Digital Presence 

In this age of the internet, the online presence is what matters to drive traffic. By listing the business on the directories, you become more visible and accessible to the consumers. 

That being said, keep a check and update the information whenever required across all the directories you’re registered on. 

Creates Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness requires capturing the attention of the consumers. And, these directories and listing sites will hit that sweet spot. While they might not generate immediate leads and conversions but will help in boosting recognition and awareness. 

Think if a user visits a directory and comes across your business, the person will begin to associate your company name every time it pops up. So, listing is a way of putting your company at the forefront of consumer’s minds. 

Increases Reach 

You can count this as a low-cost or free marketing tool. Putting your business info on prominent directories can help you find new clients as well as potential investors. 

Additionally, these directories let you connect with other business owners and form an alliance. A popular example is LinkedIn. 

Builds Credibility

The listing sites are considered to be reliable sources of business info by the consumers. So when you add your company to these directories, the consumers automatically come across the name and consider it to be trustworthy. 

So these are the benefits you can get by posting about your company on the directories. 

Final Words 

Business listing sites hold an important role in creating awareness and building credibility for any business. 

We have explained all about the business directories, how to select the right one, and how to register in this blog. You can save our table of free business listing sites for future reference. We hope this will guide you in your journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I list a small business in business directories?

Ans: Yes, online directories display businesses of all scales.

Is Google listing free?

Ans: You can sign up, create your profile, and list your company details on Google for free.

How do business directories help consumers?

Ans: These directories help users to search for companies, products, or services in a particular niche or area in a more targeted way.


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